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All Natural Kinks

Try Our Sampler Pack!

Try Our Sampler Pack!

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These are our TOP RATED hair growth and length retention products.

  • ✅ Promotes maximum hair growth
  • ✅ Contains all natural ingredients
  • ✅ Deeply moisturizes each hair strand
  • ✅ Locks moisture in, ensuring hair STAYS moisturized
  • ✅ Retains your hair’s length as it grows

This Pack Includes 4 Products:

Kinks Hair Growth Oil - Stimulates stubborn hair follicles maximizing the full potential of your hair's growth using a blend of essential oils that include LAVENDER and ROSEMARY oils.

(Starter Pack: 2 oz)

Moisture Mist - Contains water as the first ingredient combined with essential vitamins A, C & E to provide the hair with maximum hydration and moisture.

(Starter Pack: 2 oz)

Aloe Hydration Leave-in Conditioner - Combines the power of aloe vera gel, avocado oil and vegetable glycerin to deeply moisturize the hair shaft leaving your hair hydrated while protecting it against breakage.

(Starter Pack: 2 oz)

Shea Butter Hair Sealant - This whipped blend of 100% natural raw shea butter and nutritious essential oils locks moisture in each hair strand leaving your hair feeling soft and moisturized for days.

(Starter Pack: 2 oz)

The products combined in this Growth and Retention Sampler Pack will maximize the full potential of your hair’s growth and retain your hair’s length as it grows. 

SATISFACTION GUARANTEEDIf, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product, there is a money back guarantee. Simply ship the product back to us for a FULL refund. 

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