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Slippery Elm Detangling Jelly

Slippery Elm Detangling Jelly

For dry, coarse, kinky, tightly coiled hair

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✅ Removes tough tangles and knots leaving hair soft & moisturized

✅ Provides plenty of slip for easier manipulation of the hair

✅ Prevents severe breakage during the detangling process

The product is made from marshmallow root and slippery elm herbs that help to naturally remove tangles and knots leaving hair soft and moisturized. 

Key Ingredients:

Slippery Elm Herbs - can move between hair fibers, where the slimy consistency makes the strands more slippery. Once in between the hair strands, mucilage temporarily weakens strand cohesion and allows the strands to glide effortlessly pass each other. 

Marshmallow Root - has mucilage, which is a thick glue like substance that coats the hair.  When it coats each strand of hair, it makes the hair fibers slippery.  This helps reduce tangles and lets the comb glide through your hair instead of getting caught.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product, there is a money back guarantee. Simply ship the product back to us for a FULL refund.  

Suggested directions

Shake well before using. Wet hair until damp using a spray bottle. Divide hair into sections. Smooth product evenly to damp hair in first section. Use detangling tool to detangle hair. Repeat process for all sections. Once detangling process is complete rinse hair with warm water


water, marshmallow root herb, slippery elm herb, avocado oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil, honeyquat, vitamin E, orange essential oil, emulsiying wax, liquid germal plus

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